Instagram for Academics

Researchers and scholars are turning to Instagram to share their work because it has more active users, and can capture the attention of both experts and non-experts.

So, what do you put on your Instagram profile once its up? Or, how can you improve your already active account?

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Twitter for Academics

I see thousands of academics on Twitter every day, and only a fraction of them follow best communication practices for providing the information your students, colleagues, and potential editors need to find you and your work. Check out my list of tips for #AcademicTwitter!

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You Need an Academic Website

Having an academic website can benefit your personal life because it communicates clearly to a broad audience. It can benefit your professional life because it provides detailed and specific information that your colleagues, administrators, and network need in one dynamic space.

Academic websites are a must. But, your online presence shouldn't take all your time! Read more.

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Welcome to The Social Academic

Hi! Jennifer van Alstyne here to bring you monthly tips, hints, and downright truths of your owning your online persona in the academic and creative world through my forthcoming blog, The Social Academic. A good online academic is a social one: if someone Google's you they should be able to find the basics of who you are and what you do in language they can understand in just a few minutes. And that's hard.

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