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Strategic Website and Social Media Planning

A screenshot of the NEWT Center website on desktop and tablet, with a screenshot of the NEWT Center Twitter profile

“We would recommend Jennifer for any project where academic research needs to conveyed onto websites and social media. Jennifer’s strategic website plan was detailed and well-organized providing suggestions to make our web redesign effective for our center’s audience (e.g., industry and the general public).

The social media plan helped us put in place a communications schedule and tools that will increase the amount of exposure we have on those platforms. Her approach to collecting feedback from the whole team before writing a plan helped align the vision for the team.

Working with Jennifer was easy and enlightening. We hope to hire her again in the future for one of her trainings or further development work.”

— Matt Hotze, PhD, NEWT Engineering Research Center (Rice University, Arizona State University, University of Texas at El Paso, Yale University)

Strategic Website Planning, Content Writing, Faculty Profile

“I reached out to Jennifer because I was looking to revamp my website and online presence. I wanted something that could appeal to non-academics. I wanted someone to look at my website and be able to find things easily, but also want to engage with me beyond my CV. I find most academic websites follow a similar template and are heavily dependent on text. Jennifer was helpful in getting me to simplify my writing, allowing my website to focus on getting people to the information they need.

Jennifer’s approach focused on getting me to understand why my work was important to the broader community, not just academia. Every meeting with Jennifer was a revelation; she was constructive in her feedback, yet collaborative in her strategy. My website engagement has increased significantly. I can’t thank or recommend Jennifer enough. Jennifer would be great for any early career academic who is trying to promote their work to broader audience, or the mid career/seasoned academic who needs to refresh their website/online presence to meet the demands of the academy today.”

 Emmanuel Balogun, PhD

Website redesign and videos strategized by The Academic Designer LLC. Website created by our website development partner at Iggy + Stella Creative Studio.

Bio writing and faculty profile

“Jennifer was tremendous in distilling my professional experience into longer and shorter narratives. The multiple bios are extremely useful to use when funders and publishers request bios that require different lengths and pieces of information. Jennifer was able to help balance the right amount of personal information and professional information that I feel represents me well.”

 Emmanuel Balogun, PhD

Strategic Content Planning and Creation

Brain Recovery and Rehabilitation Group Website (Lannin Group) at Monash University in Australia

“Jennifer was able to bring together professional, academic content that not only reflected the team and our approach to research but also met the expectations of our University. I could not have managed this process without her experience and strategic support.”

 Natasha Lannin, PhD, Brain Recovery and Rehabilitation Research Group at Monash University

Social Media Strategy

Dennis Bente Twitter and LinkedIn Profiles

“I was amazed how much you Jennifer was able to fine tune her plan based on the interviews. I really liked the level of strategic plan – not too simple, not too advanced for my level of SM knowledge. Jennifer really opened my eyes to what is relevant for a Social Media Strategy and gave me clarity on what I want to do. She had some very useful tips that immediately translated into improvement of visibility on SM. Since our consult I have gone back multiple times to her strategic plan and adjusted my activity.

I am so happy with the results that I recommended her to the Dean of our graduate school who is in the process of improving our social media presence.”

— Dennis A. Bente, DVM, PhD (@BenteLab)

Strategic Website Planning

“Jennifer was extremely thorough in her research and professional in her delivery of her recommendations. Meetings were well organized and I knew exactly what I needed to do and what to expect each step along the way.

At the end, I received a comprehensive report and recommendations that were exactly what I needed to take the next step. Her command of the space is extraordinary and her recommendations are well founded in research and real world evidence. It was a pleasure to work with Jennifer.”

— Paula McCree, MS

Website Consultation

“I recently had a valuable and helpful consultation with Jennifer van Alstyne, The Academic Designer, regarding my new writing and editing business, HCS Ink. Our conversation left me feeling inspired, motivated, and more focused.

Jennifer provided much needed insight on the specific steps I need to take to move forward with clearer purpose and vision. Jennifer’s practical advice and knowledge regarding business and networking made me feel more confident and organized. I highly recommend The Academic Designer for writers and academics who are looking to expand their careers or businesses. Jennifer is a pleasure to work with!”

— Heather Sweeney, MFA

“Jennifer was wonderful to work with. She came into our meeting prepared with invaluable insights, and information I would not have gathered on my own. Jennifer was able to pinpoint the overall essence, and goals of what I am moving towards achieving through creating a new website. Not only was she able to give clear direction, with direct explanations behind why choices for my site would be beneficial, she was able to see my vision, and reflect back the value of what I am trying to achieve.

As a poet and academic, who also works in the healing space, utilizing energy practices, I was self-conscious about how to move forward with this content on one website. Through her insights, and integrity of process, Jennifer was able to strengthen my commitment to the new website, and demonstrate how these parts can and do work together, and how this can be done successfully. What a gift! I am so grateful to be able to work with someone who was so brilliantly able to provide clarity and specific design pathways to every aspect of what I am trying to bring forth on my website. I came out of our session energized and ready to redesign. Once complete, I know I am going back to The Academic Designer for further website review!

— Chelsea Palermo, MFA

Strategic Website Planning and Website Creation

Robert L. Pincus art critic and professor website on desktop and tablet with Twitter profile on a mobile phone

“Working with Jennifer on the creation of a website was a wonderful experience.

She took the material I provided — my CV, links to writings and other relevant information — and shaped it into a cogent site that is easy to navigate and deftly reflects the various dimensions of my long history as an art critic, educator, scholar and speaker.

She has a keen understanding of how academics and arts journalists reach an audience and interact with those who would want to engage with their work.

In addition to creating the site, she synchronized it with social media sites to genuinely excellent effect.”

— Robert L. Pincus, PhD

Social Media Consultation

“I used to hate LinkedIn…until I worked with Jennifer on a consulting call. In a short amount of time Jennifer was able to train me on how to use LinkedIn effectively. I had read a lot of articles about LinkedIn and tried the DIY approach for years, but nothing “clicked” for me and I still avoided the platform.

Somehow, Jennifer was able to explain LinkedIn to me in a way that made sense, was actionable, and actually made me want to dive in and use it more. She was engaging during our call, and I felt comfortable asking her a lot of questions–and she answered them all. Thank you, Jennifer!”

— Echo Rivera, PhD

Bio Writing

Bio for Meredith D. Clark at Data&Society

“Jennifer makes people feel comfortable with something that’s often hard to do, but essential in business: talking about one’s self. She synthesized my accomplishments and developed a resource I’ve used again and again; it’s saved me immeasurable time and cognitive energy. Well worth the expense.”

— Meredith D. Clark, PhD


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