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Hi, I’m Jennifer van Alstyne. I’m a communications strategist. My company The Academic Designer LLC helps people share who they are and what they do online.

I help people share their work in online spaces like websites and social media. I work with professors, researchers, labs, and organizations. View my services.

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What website host is best for my personal academic website?

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People ask me all the time: Where should I host my academic personal website?

There are hundreds of thousands of website hosts out there. This guide walks you through my top 5 options. These choices are great for

  • professors
  • researchers
  • scientists
  • graduate students

Why is being able to communicate about your research important?

Join me live in conversation with Neil Thompson of Teach the Geek to Speak. We’re talking about public speaking for scientists and researchers.

When: October 13, 2021 at 2pm PDT

Where: Live on YouTube, subscribe to my channel

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