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Are you a professor, researcher, or scientist? I’m glad you found me.

Hi, I’m Jennifer van Alstyne (@HigherEdPR). I’m a communications strategist. My company The Academic Designer LLC helps people share who they are and what they do online.

I help people share their work in online spaces like websites and social media. I work with professors, researchers, labs, and organizations. View my services.

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A celebration of National Poetry Month with Heather Sweeney

Heather Sweeney joins me live on YouTube on 4/19/21 to read from her poems about social media. The Book of Likes (2021) comes out from The Hunger Press this month.

Heather, her editors Lena Ziegler and Erin Slaughter, and I will be live in conversation.

Set a reminder for this event.

Some awesome people joined me for informal conversations on YouTube in 2020. Check out live conversations you may have missed.

Last Feature Interview: Aaron Shepard, robotics student and 3 time NASA intern

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Dr. Alexandra Mihai talks about Teaching with Social Media

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