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The Academic Designer LLC is a boutique woman-run public relations company.

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I’m a communications strategist. And I’m here to help your work get seen through social media and personal websites.

I empower people and organizations to share their work with the world with communication strategy.

Jennifer van Alstyne

Jennifer van Alstyne, communications strategist

Sharing what we do in a way people can understand helps us better communicate and advocate for our work.

Having an online persona, a Googleable set of pages or profiles, is a great practice for communication.

For researchers and academics, clear communication about your work can help you

  • connect with your community
  • advocate for funding
  • increase awareness
  • develop a scholarly network

Are you ready to take control of your online identity?

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Read my blog, The Social Academic for advice and interviews with faculty and researchers.


I offer communications consultation, website creation, and social media strategy through 1:1 services.

Have you been thinking about a personal academic website? Do you want more control over your online message?

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Websites: plan. learn. create.
Social Media: Plan. Learn. Share.
Design and Copy: Graphics. Media. Writing.
Training: courses, workshops, speaking

What people say about working with me

Website | Social Media Audit

“Working with Jennifer on the creation of a website was a wonderful experience.

She took the material I provided — my CV, links to writings and other relevant information — and shaped it into a cogent site that is easy to navigate and deftly reflects the various dimensions of my long history as an art critic, educator, scholar and speaker…”

— Robert L. Pincus, PhD, art critic


“Looking towards the job market in coming years, I am certain that having a website that presents a cohesive view of my work as a writer/scholar will be absolutely helpful.”

— Hannah E. Chapple, poet + ecocritic

Design and Content: CV

“Jennifer is extremely professional and knowledgeable about how to organize and present my experiences on a CV, both in print and online.

I feel comfortable with her and she responded in a timely manner. I would, without a doubt recommend her services to my colleagues at the university.”

— Heather Sweeney, poet + lecturer

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Check out my blog, The Social Academic