The Academic Designer LLC is a woman-run public relations company. I offer public relations services and training for faculty, researchers, and creatives.

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Hi, I’m Jennifer. I’m a professional writer and I’m here to help your work get seen.

Jennifer van Alstyne

As writers and scholars, sharing what we do in a way people can understand helps us better communicate and advocate for our work. Having an online persona, a Googleable set of pages or profiles that highlight your work, is becoming necessary. More than that, it’s a great practice for communication.

Jennifer van Alstyne

For researchers and faculty, public relations and personal branding can improve your funding, networking, and connections with colleagues and students.

I can help find readers for your publications, communicate how and what you do to a wide audience, and share your accomplishments. I give you concrete, specific tools to control your online identity through my blog and the services and training I offer through The Academic Designer LLC.

I’m Jennifer van Alstyne, a professional writer. My goal is to help you manage your online persona.

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Website Design

A personal website that highlights your research, writing, and accomplishments is the first step in taking control of your online persona. Whether you need a basic profile or a more dynamic, interactive portfolio, I’m here to help you communicate your work with the public.

I also offer full website audits for your already live site, which pairs expert advice for writing, navigation, and clarity with graphic design services.

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Social Media

Social media is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to share your work. Marketers and publishers have taken advantage of this, but most people are not provided with adequate training. From account set-up, social media planning, and personal branding services. I’m here to help with your social media needs.

Instagram for Academics, an online course designed to teach you everything you need to share your work effectively, is coming this semester. Mailing list subscribers get free access to the mini-course on updating your Instagram profile, and discounted access to the full course, so sign up today.

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Design & Copy

Graphic Design, Multimedia and Video Presentations, Document Formatting, Professional Writing

For individuals, departments, and organizations

Have an event or announcement coming up? Need graphics to liven up your online course or kick off your book tour? Let’s talk.

I also work on presentations, videos, and can help project or course plan based on your goals.

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I offer individual and group training on online image and social media for academics, researchers, and writers.

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