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Hi, I’m Jennifer van Alstyne. Welcome to The Academic Designer LLC. Watch my short video.

Clear communication about your work helps professors and researchers

  • connect with your community
  • share your articles and publications
  • engage your students
  • advocate for funding
  • increase awareness of your work
  • develop a scholarly network

Having an online presence, a Googleable set of pages or profiles, is a best practice for communication. Join my free training!

Jennifer van Alstyne @HigherEdPR

I’m Jennifer van Alstyne, a communications strategist and owner of The Academic Designer LLC. I work with professors and organizations around the world to share their work effectively in online spaces.

My goal is to help you take control of your online presence and find an audience that cares.

The Social Academic blog and podcast

The Social Academic blog features articles and interviews about managing your online presence. Learn about social media and personal websites for professors. And discover interviews with

  • graduate students
  • professors
  • researchers
  • scientists

We talk about how they manage their online presence, and their social media lives. I love sharing their stories with you. People in 138+ countries read The Social Academic in 2020.


The Academic Designer LLC works with professors, research labs, and research centers around the world. I’m a strategist who communicates the value of complex concepts to the audiences you want to reach. My focus is helping you connect with people and share what you do online.

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Bio Writing
  • Professional development training/workshops

Join the 2021 LinkedIn Profile Challenge

This 30-day training just reopened. The 1st cohort loved it. Learn how to update each section of your LinkedIn profile. This training is for professors, researchers, and scientists like you!

2021 LinkedIn Profile Challenge for professors and researchers from Jennifer van Alstyne of The Academic Designer LLC