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Here are articles and interviews to help graduate students like you manage your online presence. My name is Jennifer van Alstyne, and not long ago I was just like you. I started my business, The Academic Designer LLC, right out of grad school to help people like you share their work with the world.

On this page you’ll find my top resources for grad students (like this guide full of gifts you might enjoy).

Articles to help you manage your online presence

What social media platforms are right for me?

It provides an overview of all the options grad students like you should consider. Should you be on all the social media platforms? No. You probably don’t have time to manage that many profiles and actually engage with people. So, be sure to check out my guide to the social media platforms you should consider when deciding where to spend your time.

I also have more specific guides for Instagram and Twitter.

Graduate students especially, find communities on Instagram. Did you know it was a great place for networking?

I even have an article about how you can use Instagram stories and Facebook stories to talk about your grad school life.

Thinking about jobs and networking

My top recommendation for grad students is LinkedIn. It’s the most powerful social media networking platform, and my top choice for grad students like you. Whether you’re thinking about the academic or non-academic job market, LinkedIn is the place to be.

Looking for jobs soon? Here’s my comprehensive guide to your social media when job hunting.

If you’re new to networking, here are some tips to finding your community online.

Talking about your academic life

Do you manage your online presence? Many grad students haven’t really thought about it. To get started…

  • You have to know what’s out there about you for people to find.
  • You need to know where people are looking for information about you and your work.
  • You need to create or manage content that showcases what you’d like people to know.

Learn how to begin managing your online presence in academia.

Are you presenting at a conference? Learn how a website and social media can help you get the word out.

And if you’re worried about communicating your academic life, here’s a holiday-themed post about talking to your family about what you do.

And, when you’re ready for a break from social media, I have a guide for that too.

Interviews for graduate students

Chris Cloney, PhD is my most recent guest on The Social Academic blog/podcast. He started a blog in grad school about his research and now it’s an independent research company! Learn how he did it, and how he’s helping grad students change the world through online business at GradBlogger in this interview.

Andrew Paulsen is an EdD candidate at Vanderbilt University helping implement the latest math and science research on K-12 learners into classrooms. Learn more about how he talks about his teaching online.

Melanie Bruce, PhD helps awesome people like you with personal branding and creating businesses based off their expertise. She has some great advice for you.

Sophie Arthur, PhD started her award-winning blog, Soph Talks Science in grad school. We talk about her role as a science communicator, and how she connected with scientists around the world through Instagram.

Jessica Doble, PhD is an expert in folklore and fandoms. We talk about television, managing social media accounts in grad school, and her art in this chat.

Daisy Shu, PhD is an eye researcher. We talk about how she started her Instagram account during her PhD, and the academic experts who inspired her.

Jazmine Benjamin is a PhD student in molecular biology. We chat about how she used social media for networking. She has great advice about reaching out to people.

Greg Loring-Albright was my very 1st graduate student guest on The Social Academic podcast. He’s a game designer who used social media to help crowdfund one of his projects.

Check out more interviews in the series.

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