Instagram for academics

Instagram for Academics

Are you on Instagram?

I love Instagram for academics.

I’m Jennifer and my life is all about how a strong digital identity can support and empower faculty and researchers. Welcome to The Social Academic.


Are you on Instagram yet? You should be.

Researchers and scholars are turning to Instagram to share their work
  • Instagram has more active users than Twitter.
  • This image centered platform captures the attention of experts and non-experts.
  • Hashtags are followable, which means it is easy to track and keep up with a particular group, interest, or type of person.
  • Instagram captions allow up to 2,200 characters and 30 hashtags, though we don’t recommend using all of these!
  • You can now mute accounts you don’t want to see without unfollowing them.

View the Instagram Help page for info on creating an account and username.

The Profile

Here are my getting started tips for an awesome Instagram profile as an academic or researcher.


Your Instagram @handle or username is important because it’s what most people see when you interact with them

  • commenting
  • liking
  • posting
  • direct message
  • Interacting (i.e. answer a poll, ask a Question)

Use something recognizable for your handle, like a shortened version of your name (i.e. Jennifer van Alstyne | @JenVanAlstyne).

If you have other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), I highly suggest you use the same handle across the board.


Tell people who you are, not just what you like.

Remember, people follow other people, not voids. Social media is about engagement.

Make sure to tell people what you’re all about and what they can expect from your page.


Your photo should be something personable, or approachable.

If you have other social media profiles, use the same profile image across all accounts.

Download your hashtag guide

Join my community to get your free guide to using academic hashtags to find your scholarly community.

Get your academic hashtags guide

Discovering your audience means looking for the people and conversations you enjoy most.

Hashtags are one way to find your community.

I created this guide to help you explore the academic communities on Instagram and Twitter.

Join my community today and get access to “10 academic hashtags to find community” today.

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Jennifer van Alstyne is a Peruvian-American poet and public relations consultant. She founded The Academic Designer, LLC to help academics, researchers, and writers control their online presence and share their work with the world.

She holds a B.A. from Monmouth University in English, and an M.F.A. from Naropa University in Writing & Poetics where she was the Jack Kerouac Fellow. Jennifer also holds an M.A. from University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Literature and Cultural Studies where she was one of four master’s fellows and a finalist for the Outstanding Master’s Graduate Award.

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  1. I’m not an “academic researcher” but I think I need to put a pin in this post and keep coming back to remind myself of what I want to project. Thank you for these tips, it was an insightful read.
    I just recently started a blog, and made a specific Instagram page for it. If you get a chance to check it out and get back to me about ways I can improve my platform i would LOVE that!

    • Hi Stephanie, I had some time today to check out your Instagram more. I love your account. You have a personable profile photo, use your name, and have some excellent shots in there. I especially like this photo [] but wish you had described what you were doing in the photo. A couple sentences description for work-type photos will help change the audience response, and you’ll likely get new engagement from other architecture people. I’d love to help out further. I encourage you to set up a social media consultation with me so we have some time to chat more!

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