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6 YouTube live conversations you may have missed in 2020

Starting a YouTube live series wasn’t something I pictured for myself. If you asked me a couple years ago if I’d be doing a video, much less live video, I’d have laughed. I did not feel comfortable on camera.

Hi, I’m Jennifer van Alstyne (@HigherEdPR). Welcome to my blog, The Social Academic where I share advice and interviews on managing your online presence. I love writing for you! When I found my articles becoming more in-depth, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to write as many. So I turned to video!

YouTube was a social media platform I wanted to be on, but didn’t know how I would have the time. There’s a lot that goes into making videos! Live videos worked with my schedule because they

  • are simple to set-up
  • don’t require a lot of prep time
  • don’t need editing

Today I’m sharing 6 live conversations you may have missed in 2020:

Below each video you’ll find a little intro, plus the clip from each you don’t want to miss!

Collaboration and Presentations with Echo Rivera, PhD

Dr. Echo Rivera is a presentations expert and owner of Creative Research Communications LLC. Echo and I are good friends. Despite being introverts, we met online. And, have found connecting online has led to some great connections and collaborations for both of us.

Don’t miss: Listen to our discussion about direct messaging vs. email (17:15)!

More from Echo: Read or listen to Echo’s feature interview on The Social Academic.

What is Networking? With Jennifer Polk, PhD

Jennifer Polk, PhD helps PhDs launch meaningful careers through From PhD to Life. She joined me to talk about networking. What is networking? How can we network online?

Don’t miss: Networking “Don’ts,” what not to do (20:07).

More on networking: Learn how to share your next conference presentation on social media.

How to Stop Procrastinating on Social Media with Caitlin Faas, PhD

Caitlin Faas, PhD is a life coach for professors. Want to learn how to reclaim your time? Caitlin can help. She joined me to talk about how to stop procrastinating on social media. Do you like to scroll? Find you’re spending too much time online? This is the replay for you to watch.

Don’t miss: What’s the difference between procrastination and overwork (1:40)?

More on Caitlin’s blog: Check out my guest post for Caitlin about anxiety and social media.

Dark Secrets of Academia with Eleni Routoula, PhD

Eleni Routoula, PhD joins me to talk about some of the dark secrets on academia. Inspired by her series of posts on social media, I invited Eleni to talk about 6 dark secrets including

  • funding
  • collaboration
  • researcher support and development
  • mental health
  • academic afterlife

Don’t miss: Our chat about what comes after academia (43:10).

More from The Social Academic: Check out the Featured Interview series.

Fear of Judgement on Social Media with Cheryl Lau

Cheryl Lau is a PhD student and branding expert. She joined me to talk about the fears that may be stopping you from showing up online. Anxiety and fear over social media is normal. We talk openly about how to navigate those feelings.

Don’t miss: How being personal online can help people connect (46:39).

More on digital well-being: Are you spending too much time/energy on social media?

LinkedIn for Grad Students with Sammie Walker Herrera

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for graduate students. Career coach Sammie Walker Herrera, joined me to talk about why is great when you’re job searching. She had lots of practical tips to share!

Don’t miss: Our discussion of common misconceptions about LinkedIn (5:54). And, learn the 1st step to networking on LinkedIn for grad students (48:56).

More on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great way for academics to network.

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Thanks for checking out these YouTube lives. I hope you found something you were interested in!

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