Personal Websites for Academics and Scientists Workshop

Create a Personal Website for Professors and Researchers

Available in early 2023, Book now for a special rate

On the screen of an open laptop is a graphic for the Personal Websites Workshop from The Academic Designer LLC with the background image of an academic personal website. There is also a mobile phone that reads 'Coming soon' with an illustration of Jennifer waving from a laptop screen.

A personal academic website is the best way to manage your online presence. In this workshop, you’ll create a 3-page personal website to effectively share your research online.

In the pre-recorded workshop lessons, learn how a personal website can transform how you connect with people in your field. There are worksheets to help you figure out who you want to reach. You’ll learn how to write an effective academic or scientist bio for your website.

The how-to of creating your website is included in the pre-recorded training so participants can work at their own pace.

Interactive live workshop sessions ensure participants get personalized feedback on their websites while they’re being created. They also create accountability to help academics get ready to launch their new website.

Here’s what to expect

Your group gets their own private virtual workshop space with a forum just for them.

Pre-recorded lessons help people discover their options. They’ll choose what type of personal website they want. And, choose which pages are most important for their website.

A graphic for the workshop lessons about Is a personal website right for you? There is a black woman in the graphic wearing a sweater with her finger to her face as if thinking.
A graphic for the workshop lessons about Planning your personal website with an image of a notebook and pencil. On the open notebook page is the word 'plan'
A graphic for the workshop lessons about writing your academic or scientist bio with a smiling man wearing a lab coat and protective goggles
A graphic for the workshop lessons about creating your website focused on how to's and a walkthrough. In the background is an illustration of different gears.

The live workshop sessions with Jennifer van Alstyne has

  • opportunity for personal website reviews
  • how to keep your website updated (managing your site long-term)
  • training about visuals like photos, graphics, and data visualization
  • time for questions and answers (Q&A)

Two live sessions are recommended for this professional development workshop.

Live session with Jennifer

Book now for a special rate

This workshop can be customized for your group. Book now for early bird pricing for this in depth professional development training.

Your group will benefit from the accountability of this workshop. This is a choose your own adventure style workshop designed to help participants build the website they need long-term.

Email Jennifer to ask about early bird pricing for this workshop (save $1,000 USD).