Professional development in communications has a great return on investment. Both you and your audience benefit from understanding how to connect with each other.

Now booking professional development workshops for 2021-2022 great for

  • professors
  • researchers
  • scientists
  • graduate students
  • scholarly organizations
  • non-profits
  • writers and writing programs
  • academic departments
  • faculty development offices
  • universities

My virtual trainings and workshops are “highly engaging” and “fun.”

Online courses for academics

Graduate students, faculty, and researchers from 26+ countries around the world have taken my free training: The Internet for Academics: Managing Your Online Presence.

Discover more of my online self-paced courses:

Group rates are available. Email to discuss access for your group or organization.

Webinars and workshops

I offer professional development training on online presence and social media. Let me customize training and workshops for your organization.

Groups and organizations love how “tailored” and “engaging” my talks are. Whether you need a webinar or workshop, I’m here to help.

Webinars are designed for groups of 30-400, $1,900+

Workshops are designed for groups of 6-30, $2,100+

Managing your online presence workshop

A virtual professional development workshop for organizations, departments, and universities great for

  • graduate students
  • professors
  • scientists
  • researchers
  • organizations

This highly personalized workshop is designed to fit your specific needs. It covers the benefits of having an online presence, and how to get started. We talk about

  • How and when to communicate your work online
  • Networking online
  • Social media and more in-depth on the platforms of your choice
  • *Personal websites

This workshop is available in the following formats

  • 60 minute workshop
  • 90 minute workshop*
  • 3-day workshop* (60 minutes/week for 3 weeks)

Social media workshops

Social media training helps your group or organization communicate effectively online. Get highly personalized training in the following platforms:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Academic social media platforms (ResearchGate,, ORCiD)

Social media workshops with Jennifer van Alstyne focus on 1-2 platforms and are available in the following formats

  • 60 minute workshop
  • 90 minute workshop

Do you want in-depth social media training for your group? A 3-day social media writing workshop is the best fit for you.

Participants will learn how to use social media to network. They’ll update their profiles and get real-time advice. And, practice writing for social media to share their research effectively.

  • 3-day workshop (60 minutes/week for 3 weeks)
  • 3-day workshop (90 minutes/month for 3 months)

Personal websites workshop for professors and researchers

This practical professional development training walks participants through making their personal website.

Websites are the best way to manage your online presence long-term. Professors and scientists get the realtime feedback and training they need.

This workshop is only open for small groups (under 8) and includes

  • (3) 60 minute workshops over a semester: planning your website, creating content, making your website
  • lifetime access to Create Your Personal Academic Website for participants
  • 1:1 website review sessions once websites are complete

Here’s what people are saying about training with Jennifer

Managing Your Online Presence, a workshop for the faculty of Northeastern University

“Jennifer was incredibly insightful into various social media platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter. She even walked our faculty through recommended updates to their own pages! She was flexible, informative, and overall a wonderful presenter.”

—Dorie Campbell, ADVANCE Office of Faculty Development at Northeastern University

Managing Your Online Presence, a workshop for the grad students of the NEWT Engineering Research Center

“The workshop was good for students to get an understanding of how social media can be used in their careers. I believe a few wanted the consultation and have taken steps to improve their online presence. I feel that the presentation improved NEWT’s initiative to empower students to share more digital news with the NEWT community. Jennifer is a wonderful presenter online and provides materials to support the lesson.” —Liz Scroggins, NEWT Engineering Research Center

Sharing Your Events on Social Media, a workshop for the presentation design BOSS Community of Creative Research Communications

Science and Social Media: Using Instagram to Share Your Research, a webinar for the Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

Ready to get started?

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I’ll have questions for you about your

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  • goals
  • and budget

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