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Professional development in communications has a great return on investment. Both you and your audience benefit from understanding how to connect with each other.

Clear communication about what you do means more people understand your work. It also means they have the information they need to connect with it.

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  • faculty
  • staff
  • researchers
  • undergraduate students
  • graduate students
  • student groups
  • scholarly organizations
  • non-profits
  • writers
  • academic departments

My goal is to be as green as possible. My online training and workshops are “highly engaging” and “fun.”

The Internet for Academics Managing Your Online Presence, a free course from The Academic Designer LLC

Explore my free training on managing your online presence.

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Develop your social media skills to share your work across platforms

Cross-Platform Social Media for Academics

Cross-Platform Social Media for Academics is an online, self-paced writing course that teaches you skills to communicate effectively on social media.

  • Cross-platform writing
  • How to communicate news, events, achievements, and your work life
  • Best practices for your bios and profile photos
  • Hashtags, tags, location, and more
  • Scheduling and planning
  • Tools Training (photo editing, Canva + Buffer)

Learn how scheduling and content planning can change your life.

Write and design content for your personal academic website

Create Your Personal Academic Website

This course is all about your personal academic website. Create a Personal Academic Website, walks you through each step of the way.

  • plan and build an academic website
  • write a clear academic bio
  • host documents like your CV
  • showcase publications
  • create graphics and write content for your site
  • share speaking engagements and accomplishments

Join today to start building your academic website.

I offer 1:1 or small group training, and webinars

I offer individual and group training on online image and social media for academics, researchers, and writers.

Let me customize training and informational webinars for your group or organization.

  • Effective Communication Practices for Social Media
  • Social Media and Academics [general or platform-specific]
  • LinkedIn for Researchers and Academics
  • Communicate Your Work Online
  • Personal Academic Websites
  • Creating an Audience for your Academic Work
  • Social Media Do’s and Don’ts
  • Social Media for Students
  • Social Media for Students: Job Market Edition
  • How to Curate an Online Identity
  • Your Online Presence on the Job Market

Groups and organizations love how “tailored” and “engaging” my talks are. Whether you need a webinar or workshop, I’m here to help.

Using Instagram to Share Your Research

An invited webinar for the Association for Research in Vision + Opthalmology (ARVO) |
Science Communication Training Fellowship Faculty

This webinar discussed the best practices for using Instagram for scientists. It included a master lesson on using Instagram to promote community and outreach events.

It covered everything from where to find photos, what information to include in the description, and how to update your profiles.

Social Media for Students: Job Market Edition

An invited workshop for the UL Lafayette English Department | for undergraduate Technical Writing Students

This online workshop invites students to consider how and why they use social media through interactive video and beautiful worksheets.

Employers are highly likely to Google you, so students in this workshop learn the importance of checking in, privacy settings, and keeping their profiles up-to-date for the job market.

94% of attendees felt the info in this workshop was ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ clear.

64% would recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague.

“Easy to read and pay attention to!”

“I liked that it has a lot of interaction and it was geared towards students.”

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