Bio Writing Services

A bio is a living document. It changes over time depending on our goals. When’s the last time you updated your bio?

Work with Jennifer van Alstyne on bio writing services for

  • Professors
  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Writers
  • Groups and Departments, get bios for your faculty and researchers!

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“Communicating about yourself is hard. I’m here to make it easy.”

Jennifer van Alstyne

General Use Bio Writing Package

This package includes (3) bios at 500-words, 250 words, and 120 words. My clients love this package because this set of bios meets most of their needs. These package means you’ll have something ready to go for

  • speaking engagements
  • conferences
  • publications
  • media requests

Also included in this package: 

  • Review of your website, online profile(s), CV and current bios 
  • A 30-minute Zoom interview to better understand your work
  • Suggestions for where to tailor your bio when needed 
  • Up to (2) sets of revisions

This Bio Writing Package is $870 USD for 3 bios (500, 250, and 120 words).

Specialized bio writing services

Do you need a bio for a specific use? I’d love to work with you on

  • Faculty bio
  • Research bio
  • Staff profiles
  • LinkedIn bio
  • Author bio
  • Award bio
  • Website bio

Specialized bios start at $700+, and may be added on to a general use bio package at a package rate.

Here’s what people say about working with Jennifer

“Jennifer makes people feel comfortable with something that’s often hard to do, but essential in business: talking about one’s self. She synthesized my accomplishments and developed a resource I’ve used again and again; it’s saved me immeasurable time and cognitive energy. Well worth the expense.”

Meredith D. Clark, PhD

Want to work with Jennifer on your bio?

Let’s set up a time to meet in my Zoom conference room to chat about your project.

If we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll send along a detailed proposal for your review. Your start date is reserved with your signed contract and paid invoice.

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