Website Design for Labs, Groups, and Organizations

Your website is the most important way you communicate online. Reach people who care about your work around the world online.

Jennifer van Alstyne works with labs, groups, research centers, and organizations around the world on website and content strategy.

Most groups that work with me have a website already that isn’t meeting their needs. Whether you’re heading into a re-design or you’re creating a new website, The Academic Designer LLC is here to help.

Strategic Website Planning is a 3-step proven process that ensures the goals of your stakeholders are heard. Get the website you and your audiences need.

  1. Audit
  2. Strategic website plan
  3. Website and content creation

3 steps to your website with Jennifer van Alstyne

Step 1. Website audit

Do you have a website already? I’ll audit your website to see what’s working, and what’s not.

You’ll get a

  • Video audit of your website to discover what changes will make the most impact
  • Written report reviewing your website page-by-page
  • Personalized checklist of easy fixes you can make now that have lasting impact

For labs, groups, and organizations, $1,400-$2,000+ USD

Don’t have a website yet? You’ll start at Step 2.

Step 2. Strategic website plan

Strategic planning is the best way to ensure your website works for you long-term. My proven approach to website planning has helped

  • research labs
  • groups
  • research centers
  • academic departments

We’ll meet on Zoom to talk about your goals and resources. Most groups I work with have stakeholders it’s helpful to involve in the project. In the interview stage, I’ll meet with stakeholders 1:1 to understand their goals.

Whether you’re looking to re-design your website, improve your content, or are making a new website, I’m here to help.

Your Website Plan includes

  • PDF blueprints for the layout and organization of your website (website wireframes that show what your website can look like visually)
  • Your website goals
  • Your best option for website host, domain name, and site title
  • Audience analysis (who will visit your website and their needs)
  • Call-to-Action analysis for each page in the plan to help your website visitors take the next steps
  • List of written content needed to create your pages
  • Recommendations for supplements to your website
  • Keyword plan for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Guidance on visuals for your goals (images, graphics, and video)
  • Suggested list of visual content needed
  • Tips for web writing
  • Planning your next steps

Once your website plan is complete, we’ll meet for a live presentation and Q&A on Zoom. All stakeholders are welcome to attend.

For labs, groups, and organizations, $3,200-$5,000+ USD

Some people choose to complete their project with a website developer or in-house. Your strategic plan has everything you need to prepare your content so it’s ready to place.

Optional add-ons for Step 2 include

  • About page writing
  • Bios for your group
  • Logo design
  • Additional 1:1 interviews (great for research centers, organizations, and colleges who need to meet the needs of many stakeholders)

Step 3. Website and content creation

Website projects tend to have a lot of steps from idea to launch. There’s content to gather, pages to write, and graphics to design.

Continue working with The Academic Designer LLC for bespoke website services like

  • Writing the pages for your website
  • Graphic design (web graphics, infographics, brochures)
  • Document design (downloadable PDFs, media kits)
  • Basic website set-up (creation of pages, menus, and placement of content you create) $3,000-$7,500 USD
  • Website creation (a full implementation of the plan with creation of content), $8,000-$40,000+ USD

Here’s what to expect

“Jennifer was able to bring together professional, academic content that not only reflected the team and our approach to research but also met the expectations of our University. I could not have managed this process without her experience and strategic support.”

 Natasha Lannin, PhD, Brain Recovery and Rehabilitation Research Group at Monash University

“We would recommend Jennifer for any project where academic research needs to conveyed onto websites and social media. Jennifer’s strategic website plan was detailed and well-organized providing suggestions to make our web redesign effective for our center’s audience (e.g., industry and the general public). Her approach to collecting feedback from the whole team before writing a plan helped align the vision for the team.

Working with Jennifer was easy and enlightening. We hope to hire her again in the future for one of her trainings or further development work.”

— Matt Hotze, NEWT Engineering Research Center (Rice University, Arizona State University, University of Texas at El Paso, Yale University)

“Jennifer was extremely thorough in her research and professional in her delivery of her recommendations. Meetings were well organized and I knew exactly what I needed to do and what to expect each step along the way.

At the end, I received a comprehensive report and recommendations that were exactly what I needed to take the next step. Her command of the space is extraordinary and her recommendations are well founded in research and real world evidence. It was a pleasure to work with Jennifer.”

— Paula McCree, MS

Ready to get started?

Let’s set up a time to meet in my Zoom conference room to chat about your project.

If we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll send along an estimate for your review. Your start date is reserved with your signed contract and paid invoice.

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