Social Media Strategy for Groups and Businesses

Social media is a great way to reach your audience where they spend time. Creating community online through social media is a great way to keep your audience and stakeholders engaged.

Work with Jennifer van Alstyne on a social media plan designed to fit your unique needs.

Strategic Social Media Planning is a 3-step process.

  1. Audit
  2. Strategic social media plan
  3. Continued support and in-depth training

Social media planning with Jennifer van Alstyne

Step 1: Audit your profiles

Are you already on social media? Let’s do a complete review of up to 3 social media platforms.

For labs, groups, and organizations, $1,600+

Not on social media yet? That’s great! I love working with people new to social media. You’ll start at Step 2.

Step 2: Social media plan

Social media plans are highly personalized. They are designed to fit your busy schedule and available resources. A strategic social media plan sets your profiles up for success.

We’ll meet to talk about your goals and how you use social media now. If it makes sense for your project, I’ll schedule interviews with members of your group/lab to ensure all your social media goals are met.

You’ll get a written report that includes

  • A personalized content calendar to help you know what to share and when
  • Writing templates for up to 3 social media platforms
  • Hashtag research to help you reach the right people
  • Audience analysis
  • A plan for growing and engaging your audience
  • Options to continue working with me (i.e. plan for sharing your new book)

For labs, groups, and organizations, $3,300+

Your social media plan (Step 2) has everything you need to move forward. You’ll know the time and energy you put into social media will have the most impact with this strategic planning in place.

Step 3: Continued support

Continued support (Step 3) is available to my strategic planning clients through bespoke social media services like:

  • ongoing strategic consulting
  • content creation and campaign writing (writing for social media, graphic design)
  • in-depth training for your lab, group, or organization

Here’s what to expect

We would recommend Jennifer for any project where academic research needs to conveyed onto websites and social media. The social media plan helped us put in place a communications schedule and tools that will increase the amount of exposure we have on those platforms. Her approach to collecting feedback from the whole team before writing a plan helped align the vision for the team.

Working with Jennifer was easy and enlightening. We hope to hire her again in the future for one of her trainings or further development work.”

— Matt Hotze, NEWT Engineering Research Center (Rice University, Arizona State University, University of Texas at El Paso, Yale University)

Ready to get started?

Let’s set up a time to meet in my Zoom conference room to chat about your project.

If we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll send along a detailed proposal for your review. Your start date is reserved with your signed contract and paid invoice.

Email me for my private scheduling link at