Consulting for Labs, Groups, Colleges, and Organizations

Jennifer van Alstyne consults with academic departments, colleges, labs, research centers, groups, and organizations. Get personalized advice for your online presence:

  • Websites
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Internal communications
  • Connecting with your audience online

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“Small changes can make a massive impact. I love consultations because I can help labs, groups, and organizations in real time. If you want to communicate more effectively, let’s talk.”

Jennifer van Alstyne

Consultations with Jennifer include a

  • 60 minute consultation on Zoom, groups are welcome
  • Video replay
  • Access to consultation and training packages

“I used to hate LinkedIn…until I worked with Jennifer on a consulting call. In a short amount of time Jennifer was able to train me on how to use LinkedIn effectively. I had read a lot of articles about LinkedIn and tried the DIY approach for years, but nothing “clicked” for me and I still avoided the platform.
Somehow, Jennifer was able to explain LinkedIn to me in a way that made sense, was actionable, and actually made me want to dive in and use it more. She was engaging during our call, and I felt comfortable asking her a lot of questions–and she answered them all. Thank you, Jennifer!”

— Echo Rivera, PhD of Creative Research Communications LLC

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