Website Strategy for Individuals

A personal website that highlights your research, writing, and accomplishments is the best way to manage your online presence. Whether you need a basic profile or a more dynamic, interactive portfolio, I’m here to help you communicate your work with the public.

Strategic Website Planning is my 3-step proven process. Get as much or as little help as you need. This process ensures your website works for you long-term. It helps you prioritize what will make the most impact: what’s most important for you.

  1. Audit
  2. Strategic website plan
  3. Website and content creation

3 steps to your personal website with Jennifer van Alstyne

Step 1. Website audit

Do you have a website already? I’ll audit your website to see what’s working, and what’s not.

You’ll get a

  • Video audit of your website page-by-page
  • Personalized checklist for quick changes you can make now with lasting impact

For individuals, $600+

Don’t have a website yet? You’ll start at Step 2.

Step 2. Strategic website plan

Strategic planning is the best way to ensure your website works for you long-term. My proven approach to website design has helped

  • professors
  • scientists
  • researchers
  • writers

I also work with labs, groups, and organizations.

We’ll meet on Zoom for interviews about your goals and resources. Then I’ll create your Strategic Website Plan which includes

  • PDF blueprints for the layout and organization of your new website (website wireframes to see what your website can look like)
  • Your website goals
  • Analysis of your best option for website host, domain name, and site title
  • Audience analysis (who will visit your website and what they need)
  • List of written content needed to create your main pages
  • Call-to-Action analysis for top pages to help your website visitors take the next steps (like reading your publications or reaching out)
  • Keyword plan for search engine optimization (SEO) to better understand how people can find your website
  • Suggested list of visual content needed
  • Guidelines for visual content (images, graphics, video)
  • Your next steps
  • Options to continue working with me (step 3)

You’ll get

  • A written report
  • PDF blueprints for your website
  • A live presentation with plenty of time for questions on Zoom

For individuals, $2,200-$3,000+ USD

Some people choose to complete their project with a website developer or do-it-yourself (DIY). Your strategic plan has everything you need to help along the way.

Step 3. Website and content creation

Website projects tend to have a lot of steps from idea to launch. There’s content to gather, pages to write, and graphics to design.

Continue working with The Academic Designer LLC for bespoke website creation services like

  • Writing the pages for your website
  • Bio / About page writing
  • Graphic design
  • Basic website set-up (creation of pages, menus, and placement of content you create) $1,800-$6,000+ USD
  • Website creation (a full implementation of the plan with creation of content), $6,000-$25,000+ USD*

*The lower end of this range is for a small website with just a few pages. The higher end is for those with more extensive websites and/or blogs.

Are you more into Do-It-Yourself? Learn how to make your personal academic website step-by-step in my self-paced course.

Here’s what to expect

“As a new graduate student, I didn’t understand the impact that a well-designed website (read: simple, user-friendly, clear and accessible) could have on my academic work and networking…I have to say that it has been incredibly valuable, both for documenting my writing, publications, and teaching, but also for helping others find me on my linked social-media accounts and helping to build my network…

I am so glad that I worked with The Academic Designer, and would strongly suggest that any graduate students looking to professionalize do so, too.”

Hannah E. Chapple, PhD

“Working with Jennifer on the creation of a website was a wonderful experience. She took the material I provided — my CV, links to writings and other relevant information — and shaped it into a cogent site that is easy to navigate and deftly reflects the various dimensions of my long history as an art critic, educator, scholar and speaker.

She has a keen understanding of how academics and arts journalists reach an audience and interact with those who would want to engage with their work.

In addition to creating the site, she synchronized it with social media sites to genuinely excellent effect.”

Robert L. Pincus, PhD

Ready to get started?

Let’s set up a time to meet in my Zoom conference room to chat about your project.

If we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll send along a detailed proposal for your review. Your start date is reserved with your signed contract and paid invoice.

Email me for my private scheduling link at