Robert L. Pincus

Robert L. Pincus, PhD is an art critic and writer based in San Diego, known for the seminal book on Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz, On A Scale that Competes with the World (U of California P). He served as the art critic of The San Diego Union-Tribune for 25 years. Robert teaches at U of San Diego and Cal State Long Beach.

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Hannah E. Chapple

Hannah E. Chapple is a PhD student in English and Creative Writing at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is the Assistant Poetry Editor for Rougarou.

Hannah wasn't sure if she needed a website because she wasn't sure how to highlight her writing as someone just starting to publish. But having a website to direct readers and potential editors to who helps her look as established as her craft deserves.

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Jennifer van Alstyne

This is my personal website.  Here at The Academic Designer LLC our websites are meant not only to highlight your work, but to highlight you as a person. My website features publications, teaching, poetry, and more.

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