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Professional Writing, Social Media and Recruitment

Jennifer van Alstyne was part of the first professional writing team for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette English Department before founding The Academic Designer LLC. Jennifer

  • conducted market research
  • designed graphics for event promotion
  • audited the department website
  • created new web content geared towards recruitment
  • assisted in the creation and implementation of official social media accounts and social media planning
  • drafted training guides for future team members
  • created a system for updating faculty, student and staff profiles
  • created a system for collecting and disseminating department achievements, events, and announcements across platforms

Jennifer’s focus was systems and strategies that allow a grad-student team to effectively communicate for a large academic department at a public university.

With new accounts and many programs to highlight, the UL English Department needed systems in place moving forward.

In 3 months, Jennifer completed an audit of the department pages and strategic plan for new content.

She wrote copy and focused on UX for the site that invited enrollment.

She also created an accessibility guide for the website and social media.

Jennifer managed the Instagram page, but led social media strategy and content for the department across platforms.

With newly designed systems for collecting faculty and student achievements, updating profiles, and submitting events, Jennifer left the department ready moving forward when she graduated.

Learn more about my time at UL on my personal website.

Now, you can hire Jennifer to work with your team (or help you get one started)

I’ve worked in res life, recruitment, advancement, and student affairs. I know what undergrads need. I’ve taught online and in person. And now I chat all day with grad students and faculty.

My focus is organic social media. If your department or organization is ready to jump into social media, I’m here to help.

Whether you have a student team or communications specialist on staff, I’m ready to train your people.

Is your website communicating the right message?

Let’s talk about how to make it more clear, easier to navigate, and engaging for all your audiences.

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About Jennifer’s work

“Thank you for all your efforts—you’ve done a fantastic job! Congratulations on your new degree—see you next Friday!” —@ullafayette

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Course banners are designed for online courses and course pages (i.e. Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas).

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Jennifer van Alstyne is a Peruvian-American poet and communications consultant. She founded The Academic Designer, LLC to help professors, researchers, and graduate students manage their online presence. Jennifer’s goal is to help people share their work with the world.

Check out her personal site at https://jennifervanalstyne
or learn more about the services she offers at https://theacademicdesigner.com