How it all got started: a website for the person I love

Matthew M. Pincus, literary and cultural studies


University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Before Matthew’s first (and last) year on the academic job market, he was sure he wanted to be a professor. It’s the goal he’d been working towards for years.

Matthew M. Pincus is an ABD status PhD fellow at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He specializes in modernist and mid-century American literature and cultural studies.

I wanted to help him anyway I could.

He needed a website to act as a dynamic CV and portfolio easily accessible by a search committee.

His website highlights speaking engagements, publications, a book manuscript abstract, and a section on teaching.

He’s terrible at tech. No really.

He didn’t have a social media or online presence. And that’s needed for today’s academic and industry job markets.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome. But he wasn’t doing everything he could to put himself out there.

Now, he’s enjoying the benefits. He’s received publication and speaking offers.

He’s better communicating his research to potential publishers.

And he’s shown what he’s been up to in grad school for industry employers in an easy-to-navigate engaging way.

Once Matthew’s site was complete, he got the works – a full Strategic Social Media Plan. That included an audit of his social networks, and a concrete strategy for what and how to share content moving forward.

Now, he’s learning to write social media himself through my online course, Cross-Platform Social Media for Academics.

I designed the course to teach him – and you – the best practices for writing content across platforms.

Pssst…he paid full price. But you don’t have to! Email me to get your offer just for finding this page.

View Matthew’s site.

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Other work for Matthew

Graphic Design

Social Media Headers, Logo, Website Headers, Course Poster

Document Formatting

Electronic CV, Teaching Portfolio, Syllabi

Matthew’s website

Matthew Pincus Site

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Jennifer van Alstyne is a Peruvian-American poet and public relations consultant. She founded The Academic Designer, LLC to help academics, researchers, and writers control their online presence and share their work with the world.

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