The 2-page website this new PhD student can grow with

Hannah E. Chapple, poet + ecocritic

MAT, current PhD Student

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Hannah E. Chapple is a PhD student in English and Creative Writing at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

She is editor-in-chief of We Were So Small and Assistant Poetry Editor for Rougarou.

Hannah wasn’t sure if she needed a website because she wasn’t sure how to highlight her writing as someone just starting to publish.

Having a website to direct readers and potential editors helps her look as established as her craft deserves.

When Hannah’s ready to approach the job market, we can add in pages for teaching, conferencing, and more.

In the meantime, she’s learned how to perform updates on the site herself. She has successfully added new publication entries and updating her bio.

View Hannah’s site.

What Hannah says about working with me

“As a new graduate student, I didn’t understand the impact that a well-designed website (read: simple, user-friendly, clear and accessible) could have on my academic work and networking.

That is why it was so important for me to get to work with Jennifer: she made sure to understand what was important to me, and helped me to understand how my website could help me to accomplish my goals, as well as helping me to understand the unique way that websites and social media function for academics.

I have to say that it has been incredibly valuable, both for documenting my writing, publications, and teaching, but also for helping others find me on my linked social-media accounts and helping to build my network.

Looking towards the job market in coming years, I am certain that having a website that presents a cohesive view of my work as a writer/scholar will be absolutely helpful.

I am so glad that I worked with The Academic Designer, and would strongly suggest that any graduate students looking to professionalize do so, too.”

— Hannah E. Chapple

Hannah’s website

Hannah E Chapple Website

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