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A Chat with Andrew Paulsen

Andrew Paulsen is a senior educational advisor and doctoral candidate who loves to travel A doctoral candidate at Vanderbilt University, Andrew Paulsen is making strides to change education in America. In this interview we talk about his travels across the United States in his role as a senior educational advisor at Agile Mind. And how…

A chat with Andrew Paulsen on The Social Academic blog

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A Chat with Melanie Bruce

Melanie Bruce wears many hats as a marketing professor and as an entrepreneur with multiple businesses. In the final academic interview of 2019, we chat about why that balance works well for Melanie, who says, "the research that I'm doing, the up-to-date knowledge that I'm gaining, that I'm keeping up-to-date from my academic position, that helps me be a better entrepreneur." We talk about social media, balancing academic life, and more.

A Chat with Melanie Bruce

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New to Social Media? Find Your Scholarly Network with These Tips

People tell you to join Twitter for the conversation, or connect on Facebook. Once you get there, what's the best way to ensure you have a good time?

Social media is a two-way street. It's important that you follow the right people to have a curated feed.

By following the right people, you take control of the types of content you are regularly exposed to. This is true for every platform.

Find your Scholarly Network on Social media

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Instagram for Academics

Researchers and scholars are turning to Instagram to share their work because it has more active users, and can capture the attention of both experts and non-experts.

So, what do you put on your Instagram profile once its up? Or, how can you improve your already active account?

Instagram for academics

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