All Day All Night 2021

Hi there! It was so great to connect with you at the All Day All Night 2021 conference.

My name is Jennifer van Alstyne (@HigherEdPR).

My presentation was: “How to Get Grad Students and Professors Excited About Content Creation.”

Jennifer van Alstyne

Imposter syndrome keeps grad students and professors from talking about their good news. It keeps them from sharing the best stories with you.

Unfortunately, these feelings are pervasive. Imposter syndrome means you feel like

  • you’re a fraud
  • you snuck in, and are lucky not to get kicked out
  • you don’t belong
  • you’re sure to fail

It especially effects high achievers like grad students and professors.

Good stuff is happening on your campus every day. To get the best stories, to help these people feel comfortable sharing with you, a system needs to be in place.

Your system should include a

  • Form submission
  • An automatic received response email
  • And allow you to take action like
    • A personal response, like a quick congratulations email
    • Forwarding the information to the right office
    • Or collaborating on a larger content project together

Using something like Google Forms or Typeform, allows you to integrate submissions with spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel.

What to see what questions I would include on a simple form?

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