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Hi, I’m Jennifer.


6 months ago I started The Academic Designer LLC because I knew I could help the academic community.

Now that I have more of a handle on things, gotten over my initial nerves of being a 1st time business owner (yikes!)
I’m ready to give back.

My goal is to help promote the work of cool scholars.

That’s why 50% of my blog will be dedicated to promoting the work and voice of faculty and grad students like you.

Here’s the rundown.

Starting in 2019 on my blog

You’ll see blog posts from me every week!

That’s right.

New content, right here. Every week.

Week 1: Hot Topics in HigherEd

1st up: What’s up in social media and HigherEd, a rundown from me about hot topics,

Once a month you’ll hear my thoughts on academic or faculty life and awesome studies you should know.

I’ll even introduce you to resources, tech, and tools that can help your life,

Week 2 & 3: Interviews with awesome faculty and researchers like you

Want back-to-back weeks of short interviews? In January,

1 week of grad students

1 week of faculty and researchers

Are you ready?

Check out the topics and sign up for an interview below.

Week 4: Easy tips you can implement NOW

To close out the month, I’ll give you and easy tip you can implement right now to improve your communication.

You’re busy.

I get that.

You need small changes you can make to your current routine that get results.

I hear you!

Next month I’ll be talking all about conferencing.

My Instagram friends loved these tips, and I think you will too.

I’ll even have a beautiful PDF tip sheet to help you.

Wanna chat with me about your social media life?

I’m sitting down and chatting with people you should know.

I want to know what your life is like.

We’re going to talk about all things social media and online academic life:

  • online identity
  • imposter syndrome
  • work overload
  • privacy
  • self care
  • celebrating the wins
  • connecting at conferences
  • sharing
  • networking
  • and more

Wanna chat with me? Let’s talk about your research and your online life.

Get scheduled now.

Why am I doing this?

We don’t talk enough about this. And you know what?

Talking about SOCIAL MEDIA and ONLINE IDENTITY empowers us to make informed choices, and use our platforms for good.

I believe communication can change our lives for the better. I

Jennifer van Alstyne

want to show you how.

Wanna be on my blog?

Interviews are informal 20 min audio via my virtual conference room Zoom.

It’s super easy.

Get scheduled now.

Can’t wait to chat with you!



It’s OK to feel overwhelmed, there are so many ways to communicate these days.

Need help figuring out the difference? Free training from Jennifer

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Jennifer van Alstyne is a Peruvian-American poet and public relations consultant. She founded The Academic Designer, LLC to help academics, researchers, and writers control their online presence and share their work with the world.

She holds a B.A. from Monmouth University in English, and an M.F.A. from Naropa University in Writing & Poetics where she was the Jack Kerouac Fellow. Jennifer also holds an M.A. from University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Literature and Cultural Studies where she was one of four master’s fellows and a finalist for the Outstanding Master’s Graduate Award.

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